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Indepth Interview with Zak Stevens from Trans Siberian Orchestra, Savatage , Circle ll Circle about his New Band Archon Angel its release on the 14th Of Feb 2020, The ideas behind the Album, Artwork , Tour Plans, Frontier Records, First ever show and more... Check it out..By Seb Di Gatto... IT RAWKS!!!

Interview with Destructions Damir Eskic about Gomorras Album "Divine Judgement" released in April, Touring, Destruction and more..Check it out … by Seb Di Gatto....The Metal Gods Meltdown..IT RAWKS!

Interview with Robin McAuley about the Debut Album from Black Swan "Shake The Earth" Touring with Michael Schenker Fest, Egos, Raidng The Rock Vault in Las Vegas, Earlier days,The future, Grunge,  Rock not being dead ! And more!

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